We have been trusted advisors to many development and building companies, and we continue to grow with the help of more than 20,000 people in our national network.

Cubitic is skilled at designing efficient and sustainable building solutions to all your project needs. Building on proven construction methodologies and intuitive design instincts, Cubitic finds smart solutions with real-world application.


Structural Design

Cubitic stands ready to provide elegant and cost effective solutions for a wide range of structural projects. Our team is experienced in designing and constructing one storey residential dwellings and high-rise structures including large residential, commercial, industrial and entertainment structures.

Finding the simplest design to deliver full-functionality is our specialty. Our client’s centric approach means out focus is continually aimed at bringing the client’s vision to life in a powerful, full-functional design.


  • Reinforced concrete framed structure
  • Load bearing wall structure
  • Bridge Designs
  • Tilt-up solutions
  • Steel framed structure
  • Timber framed structure
  • Pools
Post Tensioning

A powerful and clever approach which offers strength and efficiency in design. Post-Tensioning reinforces concrete through a simple innovative method which reduces material costs and build time.

Going beyond the limitations of conventional reinforcement systems, post-tensioning allows slabs to be thinner, span longer distances and reduce shrinkage cracks, therefore reducing the need for joints and access reinforcement. Cubitic’s designs frequently incorporate this technique to deliver an innovative and effective design solution.


  • Design & Documentation
  • Shop Drawings
  • Reviews & Approvals
Structural Reports

Cubitic offers extensive experience in preparing structural reports to fulfil the requirements of Council, Sydney Trains, Sydney Water and Roads & Maritime Services. Our team’s capabilities also extent to provide dilapidation surveys for pre- and post-construction reports.


  • Council Reports
  • Sydney Train Reports
  • Sydney Water and Roads & Maritime Services
  • Dilapidation Reports (Pre- & Post-Construction)
Geotechnical Investigations

Our team is ready to provide a wide range of geotechnical investigation services including detailed subsurface conditions. Cubitic is highly experienced in providing the most advanced and economical designs for shoring systems and foundation piles.


  • Shoring & retaining wall solutions
  • Reinforced soil wall solutions
  • Deep foundation & piling solutions